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Welcome to which is a site dedicated to talking about sports, from football to basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, and more.  There used to be many big sports sites such as P2P4U, ATDHE, Channelsurfing, Rojadirecta, MyP2P, Ilemi (or Illemi) but now with many of the .com, .net, and .org websites being taken down it is much harder to find sites about sports to discuss.

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With the popularity of sports reaching an all time high across the globe many fans are searching for ways to chat about their favorite teams online with other fans.  The most popular sports to watch online are football (American), football (European), soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, cricket, boxing, golf, and ultimate fighting.  Millions of people come onto the internet each month searching for ways to discuss these sports and it is getting increasingly harder to be able to locate where to discuss these sports online.  When websites get taken down people are confused about where to go then to talk about live sports.  Sometimes the websites that are taken down pop right back up on either a different domain extension or on a different website altogether. will provide information to you about the latest places to discuss sports online.  Our site is maintained and kept up to date on a weekly basis to provide you with the latest information on talking about sports on the internet.

The reason why many sports fans want to watch matches online is because their local television stations do not broadcast the games.  Usually only games that located in the same region as the viewer are shown on tv and this means if you want to watch a sporting event outside of your area than you usually cannot do so.  This has caused millions of people who love watching sports to come online so that they can watch their favorite teams play or the top match ups when two great teams take to the field.  The reason why so many people do this nowadays is because the ability for someone to stream a game onto the internet has become very easy.  It really does not require much time to set it up once you become familiar with the process and most people have internet that is high speed enough to stream a game in high definition quality.

The way that people stream sports online is either through a P2P application or through a website.  There are two main differences, one is that you need to have the application downloaded and installed on your computer, and then when you go to stream the sporting event you do not need to connect to any website, you connect directly to someone else’s computer.  There has been a mixture between the two methods that people prefer.  Streaming through an app goes directly between two computers so unlike a website no one can shut down your stream.  But going through an app does not allow as many people to find the stream as they would if you were streaming through a website.

Whatever the event is that you want to watch, whether it is a regular weekday game or a big event like a championship game the odds are that someone is streaming the event either through a website or through an application.  The goal for you is to find out where that stream is occurring so that you can watch it.  Each year the popularity of streaming sports online grows but the ability to find the streams becomes harder and harder.  While sports streaming online has undergone changes in the recent past there are still many people doing this each and every day of the year for every sport you can think of.