domain was registered October 14th, 2006.  The domain Whois has Whois guard identify protection so we cannot see who registered the domain.  The domain is registered until October 14th, 2011 at which time it will expire.  The domain was seized by the US government’s ICE division in early 2011 and it is unknown what will happen with the domain name once it expires. was a site that linked to a variety of different things you can watch online.  From sitcoms to news to gameshows and most popularly was the sports.  Channelsurfing linked to NFL football, European football, college football, NBA basketball, MLB Baseball, NHL hockey, cricket, golf, bowling, and more.  The site was updated daily and there was usually at least one link if not two or three to the same event in case one broadcast went down or was of poor quality you had another choice to view the game on.

There is currently no replacement site for  There was a replacement at but this has since been removed.  The reason the replacement site was removed is that the owner of, Brian McCarthy, was charged by the US government for illegal distribution of copyrighted materials through linking.  Whether or not linking to a copyrighted material is illegal is currently a gray area.  If this is illegal, does this mean that everyone who links to a Youtube clip that is not legally up is able to be prosecuted?  McCarthy faces jail time and fines if found guilty.  It will be interesting to see what the US courts determine the law is regarding linking to copyrighted material. was considered one of the top 5 most visited websites when it came to people wanting to watch live sports online, especially during the NFL season.  The seizure of this domain left a lot of sports fans asking where they could turn to watch sports online. was a one page website, updated daily and sometimes more then once a day, and had built up a huge following among internet sports fans.  It is unlikely that the site will be replaced due to the legal troubles the former owner is facing.