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MyP2P is a forum for people to share sports links that has been online since 2006.  It has grown to be one of the largest sports forums online concerning watching live sports like football and soccer online.  The site is based and run out of Europe, and since the site has always been on a .eu domain extension it did not get caught up in the recent domain registration confiscation by the US Government’s ICE division.  The domain has a privacy protection in place on the Whois information so we cannot tell who owns the site or what their specific address/country of operation is.

MyP2P is also a good information source about what type of programs and software you need to watch sports online.  The most popular softwares around are Streamtorrent, TVAnts, Sopcast, TVU Player, Veetle, PPLive, PPMate, and Afreeca.  All of these programs are available for free download, install, use online and most of them work via P2P (peer to peer) connections.

My P2P forums provide people with the channel or link stream to use for these different types of players.  By installing the program alone you cannot watch sports unless you know what specific channel to go to, and the channels are not numbered in numerical order.  Streamtorrent is the most popular P2P software, and My P2P forum links are majority based on Stream torrent.

My P2P also lists about 50 different TV channels that you can watch for free online.  These channels are throughout many different countries, with the US having the most channels available.

In the My P2P forums there are different areas for sports enthusiasts to enjoy.  There are the boards where people share the live sporting event links.  There are also boards to discuss the games, boards to talk about how to use the software and software trouble shooting, fantasy sports leagues, different hardware and software and more.  My P2P is definitely a good stop for anyone who is interested in watching or discussing live sports online.