P2p4u.net was a domain name registered April 3rd, 2009.  The domain is registered until April 3rd, 2013.  The domain is with GoDaddy and the Whois information is private so we do not know who owns the domain.  P2P4U.net was a website that provided links for many different sporting events.  There were links to live streaming football, baseball, tennis, basketball, hockey, cricket, and more sports.  The links to live sports were updated daily and there was always a good amount of links found on the site to many different sports.  P2P4U.net used to offer people the ability to refresh the links on the site.  There would be a “refresh button” and the site would state that links could be updated as often as every 15 minutes and to hit the refresh button in order to see the latest set of links on the site.

P2P4U.net no longer has a website hosted on the domain.  The domain name forwards to another domain, www.firstrowsports.eu.  We are not sure if the owners of firstrowsports.eu and the former p2p4u.net site are the same, or if the first row sports owner purchased the domain and directed it to their site.  The firstrowsports.eu site is not registered with Godaddy as P2P4U.net is, but rather with Eurid.eu.  The website has a similar look and feel to it (including the 15 minute refresh button), but there are definitely differences so we cannot say with definitely if firstrowsports.eu is the new p2p4u.net. Our guess is that they are the same and just underwent some site appearance upgrades/changes.

P2P4U.net was one of the top 5 sports linking directory sites on the internet before the site either went down or got redirected to a new domain name.  The site had a strong following in Europe and was particularly known for the live european football (aka soccer in the United States) links on their site.  It is not known what the domain P2P4U.net was stopped being used and started to be redirected.  Maybe they knew if they left it online that the US Government’s ICE division would take the domain.  Or maybe there is another reason.  We are not sure, and we have not heard the reasoning behind this.  Our searches on the internet also came back without any answers.